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Church History

On June 4, 2006, Bible Way Church was established, as well as held its first service, under the pastorage of Pastor Lynn Kirkland. At that time there was a small but faithful band of five worshipers, (Pastor Kirkland, Paula Kirkland, Darius Freeman, Don Allen and Arullio Garcia) who all attended services regularly. The Word of God provided the light to guide their path and the love to inspire fellowship. Since the ministry began, the membership has steadily increased, with a mission of saving souls and spreading the good news. Many souls have been saved, baptized and rededicated their lives to God. Our church’s membership continues to multiply and prosper.


Bible Way Church is preserved with the hope of inspiring our present and future congregation during this new millennium. It is our prayer that they will preserve the ideals and dreams of those who labored for so long enduring many hardships, while working in the Lord’s vineyard. Certainly, God has been our shield and strength. He has guided us with His counsel; blessed us by His providence and inspired us in His spirit.


The church building dedicated to service for God, that once was a beacon in this community, doors were closed; there was no singing, praying or preaching going on within these walls, no Sunday school and no Wednesday night bible class. This was a place where the remaining members had died or moved on.


God blessed Pastor Kirkland and Sister Kirkland to find the key people that would help them to reopen the doors of this church building. His sister Charline Brandon, of Cleveland Mississippi, was also very instrumental in helping to reopen the doors.


During the seven years, under Pastor Kirkland’s dynamic leadership, vision and zeal to do the work of the Lord, he has initiated a host of specialized programs and outreach ministries designed to enhance and enrich the spiritual and educational growth of the church and community.


In an effort to be more effective in helping people in these crucial times, we have partnered with the Food Pantry of West Central Texas to open a food pantry to feed those that are less fortunate among us in the community that might be in need.


Throughout the years we did “Great and Mighty Things.” Through Pastor Kirkland’s financial proficiency, we succeeded in purchasing land; painting the church building; expanding and updating the choir stand; and installing the kitchen and fellowship hall. A beautiful new children’s classroom was created, and we installed a digital media projector to display worship music, sermon outlines and video clips.


We thank God for sustaining us for seven years and may God’s will be forever honored in this ministry.


To God be the Glory.

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We are pleased to join you in praying for specific needs. Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, ...and he shall hear my voice. Psalm 55:17

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